Kyosho nitro/petrol rc car and tons of spares JOB LOT in Cinderford, Gloucestershire for sale

Kyosho nitro/petrol rc car and tons of spares JOB LOT

Here is a kyosho alpha Nitro 4wd with a gx-12 engine I have loads of spares I'm selling with it enough to rebuild this a few times or even build a few cars out of it, there are also some other bits I haven't added as pictures because you can only list 12!! There are 2 controllers one has a snapped stick but works fine and controls the car and I also have a full set up for another car to go with the other controller, there is a few brand new bits which include :-
Starter kit with tools and nitro bottle with glow start
Body pins
Wheel hex at 14mm offset
Exhaust gaskets
Wheel bolts
Steering components and a few more bits
There are 3 body shells but the peugoet 206 is the standard one and the car is all standard too along with the booklet and how to build guide (in the pic there are stuff not out but under the shells in the clear box)
The car will need some fine tweeks as I haven't played with it I have completely stripped everything down and rebuilt everything including the gearboxes and brakes ect and replaced many parts to make it a better car and regreased the diffs and gearboxes
In the blue box there is loads of types of bearings, gears, screws and complete diffs for spares and in the box there are also more gearboxes and cases to build more !!
There are 3 fuel tanks, 4 Base plates to build more cars, 2 spare engines, 1 exhaust, 4 driveshafts and various other bits like suspensions and arms ect
If you Have any questions please ask I'll answer asap
Due to the nature of this hobby there will be no returns!
No overseas buyers
No returns
I'm open to sensible offers
cash on collection please !
I can deliver local for fuel cost just ask !!
feel free to message me anytime! !